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Activity of Socientize in the Citizen Cyberscience Summit, London.

CCS has been held in London last 20-22th February, on two venues, Royal Geographic Society historic building and the UCL campus in Euston. Total attendants from Europe, America and Japan was over 200 registered researchers, citizen scientists and policy makers. Event was organised by University College of London, Citizen Cyberlab, Citizen Cyberscience Centre and The Mobile Collective. Our project has supported CCS as an sponsor, and has participated in the agenda with three events, one workshop about the Whitepaper and policy recommendations, another introducing our range of experiments and a third about the model of participation in Citizen Science projects.

Friday, Socientize team offered a group workshop introduced by Fermin Serrano, to collect ideas to include in the consultation procedure for the project White Paper on Citizen Science in Europe. An interesting debate organized in thematic groups around the main sections of Whitepaper.

Same friday, Francisco Brasileiro talked abou "Volunteers Engagement Profiles in Volunteer Thinking Systems". This talk was a part of the ENGAGEMENT & MOTIVATION track. Francisco introduced five volunteers' engagement profiles discovered in volunteer thinking systems: Erratic, Hardworker, Persistent, Median, and Uniform. We discuss how volunteers in distinct profiles differ among themselves in terms of engagement, how to identify less engaged volunteers, and the benefits of developing profile-aware engagement strategies.

Saturday, Candida Silva run a presentation of Socientize range of Participatory Experiments, in a talk that formed of the NEW FRONTIERS IN CITIZEN SCIENCE track.

During all event, Socientize team profited for networking activity with CS stakeholders in a great event for the community, and invite everyone to contribute to our consultation, via postcards survey distributed in CCS, or via our consultation web platform, . You can see also a graphic album in Socientize's facebook.