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Call for Contributors to Citizen Science Green Paper

Individuals and institutions interested and/or involved in Citizen Science are now invited to participate in the elaboration of the Green Paper on Citizen Science. Please take the opportunity to contribute here until the 23th of September. In this document Socientize is compiling policy recommendations related with citizens' engagement in science. We therefore collect experiences and suggestions from the diverse stakeholders involved in citizen science, like volunteers, researchers, infrastructure providers, scientific organizations, communicators, innovators, journalists, educational experts and artists.

Your individual or organizational contribution will we published on the Socientize’s website and analysed and summed up with other contributions for the Green Paper on Citizen Science. Your name and institution will be shown in the contributors’ list of the Green Paper.

All the contributions will be discussed in the “Green Paper on Citizen Science Workshop” to be held virtually on the 17th of October 2013. In this meeting there will be a representative of the European Commission and the results from the contributions will be analyzed and discussed. Further details about the virtual place and time of the “Green Paper of Citizen Science Workshop” will be published by mid September.

If you want to be actively informed about this Workshop please send an e-mail to contact@socientize.eu. As a result of this workshop, the Green Paper on Citizen Science will be presented in the “ICT2013 - Create, Connect, Grow” event in Vilnius on 6-8 November, 2013. 

The Green paper on Citizen Science will set the basis for further discussions and elaborations of the White Paper which will be completed and published by October 2014.

Please contribute via this form until September 23rd 2013.