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Let’s do science together!

Socientize is implementing a set of applications enabling volunteers to become scientists, encouraging public participation in scientific research and showing the capabilities of open resources.  There are initial experiments being carried out but more are on the way.

We promote creativity and would like you to become the main actor.

Of course, we want to take advantage of existing experiments and citizen science scenarios. We will also search for and support two external citizen science applications or experiments to be subcontracted.


Socientize activities can take many forms:

     - Citizens scientists can help scientists collect data that will be analyzed by professional researchers.

     - Performing tasks that require human cognition, knowledge or intelligence such as image classification, Image analysis from scientific infrastructure, transcription, and more within a web browser.

     - Experiments citizens sensor networks

     - Mental skill games related to science experiments.

Large volunteer networks often allow scientists to accomplish tasks that would be too expensive or time consuming to achieve through other means.