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Last minute on the OnLine Green Paper Workshop

Thank you all for the interest on our Workshop for Socientize Green Paper,to be held next thursday october 17th at 15:00 CET/Brussels time, you need to meet vía MashmeTV.

Please find attached a document with some of the topics to discuss during the Workshop. It is just a working document with some of the policy recommendations summarized, including questions and suggestions gathered from experts interviews and external contributions. During the Workshop we will discuss about those topics and you are invited to suggest new ideas and questions. Please share them in advance in this shared pad.

Workshop will be conducted by Daniel Lombraña , computer engineer by training, PhD on Parallel Genetic Programming on Volunteer Desktop Grids. Daniel works for the Citizen Cyberscience Centre as a Senior Researcher and Developer and he is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. He also collaborates with the Open Knowledge Foundation. The officer of the Project, Mrs. Kirsti Ala Mutka from the European Comission will present us the Digital Science Vision for the Horizon202 and the role of Citizen Science.

You can find further details for this workshop here. Stay tuned for last minute informations in our website and twitter account @Socientize.

Do not hesitate to forward this mail to your contacts, everybody is welcome to join our discussions and to contribute with suggestions or ideas.

Please contact us if you have any question. Thank you very much all of you for your interest and help.