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October 17 online: Green Paper on Citizen Science Workshop

Socientize opens to Individuals and institutions an OnLIne Workshop to all people interested or involved in Citizen Science to participate in the elaboration of a Green Paper on Citizen Science. Please take the opportunity to contribute and share your work and experiences! We are compiling policy recommendations related with citizens' engagement in science by collecting feedback and suggestions from the diverse stakeholders involved, like volunteers, researchers, infrastructure providers, scientific organizations, communicators, innovators, journalists, educational experts and artists. In this meeting we will analyze all contributions we had so far and we will have open discussions about key factors.

Digital attendance certificates will be provided to the participants. Besides, individual or organizational contributions will be published on the Socientize’s website (if agreed) and will be reflected in the Green Paper on Citizen Science. Your name and institution will be shown in the contributors’ list of the Green Paper. As a result of this workshop, the Green Paper on Citizen Science will be presented at the “ICT2013 - Create, Connect, Grow” event in Vilnius on 6-8 November, 2013.

Prior to the event we will send you working documents. We will also publish any relevant information in order to ease contributions in this shared document. You are kindly invited to put there your opinions, interests or suggestions.

Workshop will run under MashMe.TV

This is the spectators link. Spectators can raise their hands and become active speakers, by using the buttons in the top left corner section of the tool. Mashme.tv limits the number of active speackers to 10, so the moderators give you the word whenever you want.

* NOTE: Headphones required. Users with bad connectivity or disturbing sound will be muted or thrown out.

Registration is FREE, but you must get your ticket in order to have attendance control.


Date: 17th october

Starts:15.00 CET Ends: 17.30 CET


  • Welcome and presentation of speakers and visitors, presentation of Socientize (15 minutes)
  • Digital Science vision for Horizon2020 and the role of citizen science, Kirsti Ala-Mutka EC (10 minutes)
  • Green paper on citizen science status: introduction to the process SOTA + experts interviews + open call for contributions. Conducted by Teresa Holocher-Ertl ZSI (5 minutes)
  • Green paper on citizen science: Topical discussions and recommendations - 3 Topics (45 mins)
  • Break (5 minutes)
  • Green paper on citizen science: Topical discussions and recommendations - 3 Topics (45 mins)
  • Workshop conclusions and next steps, Fermin Serrano Sanz Unizar- Univ. Zaragoza - Ibercivis (15 minutes)
  • Back channel, share ideas and get support

MashMe.TV includes chat. During the event you may share your ideas and thoughts in this document.

If you want to contact us or the rest of the attendants before, during or after the workshop you may use:
Twitter: @socientize #socientize
Mail support: contac@socientize.eu
Telephone support: +34 876555396


Why a virtual workshop?

We want all those who are interested in Citizen Science to be able to contribute independently of
their location. We prioritise economy and the environment, trying not to generate costs for the displacement of participants as well as avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions. Participate in this workshop without airports queues... everything from your room or your working place. Stay calm and think over your contributions!

It is pretty simple and easy. Just join us here! You will take part at the virtual workshop as a spectator. If you want to join the conversation, use the button "raise hands" and you will be invited to talk and to participate in the chat.

Why MashMe.TV?

This tool allows well tuned videoconference. Spectators have the possibility to raise hands and to take the opportunity to become an active speaker. It also includes features like: chat, co-browsing, whiteboard, recording…

Moreover, we want to support young talented entrepreneurs. MashMe.TV it is a startup of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, partner of the Global Excursion project which has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Socientize project.

You may get further information in support@mashme.tv or @MashMeTV

What are the technological restrictions to join the meeting?

Remember to use headspeakers in order to avoid echo. Connect using Google Chrome or Firefox in their last versions. If you want to talk, make sure you have camera and microphone. If you have any issue with the Flash permissions, check this page.

Regarding connectivity: you should have no problems if you have 0,5Mbps Upload and 3-6Mbps Download, depending on number of participants.

Anyway, if something wrong happens try to reload the page, or turn the computer off and on again, then the router and so ;)

I am not an expert, can I contribute?

If you are interested in Citizen Science, your contribution is very welcome. All the contributions will be discussed between citizens, representatives of different organisations and everybody who joins this workshop. We would like to meet all stakeholders together to discuss on common concerns and jointly propose steps to go forward with the white paper.

Should I document myself before join the conference?

Previously we have summarized the policy recommendation received about citizen science. Please, take the opportunity to have a look at them or to write your own idea. It's not necessary to register.

Why tickets?

Registration is FREE. We would like to know beforehand how many people are going to participate to better organize the event. But it is not required at all. Just join us.

Do you have questions about the Green Paper Citizen Science Workshop?