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Socientize attends London Citizen Cyberscience Summit

Socientize people will attend the 2014 Citizen Cyberscience Summit to be held in London 20--22th february. This is one of the most importtant Citizen Science event of the year, expected attendance is more than 300 coming all around the world. Sessions will be held at the Royal Gegograpchic Society and the University College of London.

Socientize talks:

- Friday, 21th february, 5 pm, Workshop on policy recomendations to support Citizen Science in Europe.

- Saturday 22th february, 2 pm, Introducing Socientize set of participatory experiments.

You can check the whole programme for the summit.

During all the days, we will promote the opening for the White Paper consultation period, Internet or postcard paper during Cyberscience Summit. Please contribute via our consultation website

Stay tuned for Socientize in London event via @Socientize in Twitter.