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Socientize experiments presented in Vienna Science Festival

Our partner Zentrum fur die Sozial Innovation, ZSI, has been present at the Vienna Science Festival, Wienner Forschungsfest, during week-end 13-15th september. They run four workstations to show Citizen Science to the general public with these esperiments: 1 Galaxyzoo, 1 Snapshot Serengeti, 1 Smart City Mindpath, 1 Seafloor Explorer.

People 50+ have been very interested by CS in general and wanted to try out several or all experiments. They are eager to get involved and support research and also to stay involved.

Families and Kids were mostly interested on Snapshot Serengeti, kids loved the pictures from the wild animals and parents tried to explain more details about animals, because tasks should not take too much time and very easy to conduct.

Teachers in general very interested, need more background info on the specific scientific questions to understand how this fits their curriculums. They were interested in all different CS applications.

ZSI run in theri booth at Forschungfest a preview of Smart City oriented Mindpath experiment that is a personalization of Socientize’s Mindpath devoted to test the words connection about Smart City concept.