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Socientize open an All Our Ideas votation for the Citizen’s Sciene definition

Socientize project opens an instance in in allourideas.org, about the continuing question of how to best understand all the various activities falling under the concept of Citizen Science. We have set up an "All Our Ideas" site to get everyone's input on the topic. This is a collaborative tool allows users to vote on a series of questions to gauge the popularity of each answer against the others. It also let's people add their own suggestions and have others vote on those too with both structured user data as well as free-form input. Please feel free for let your comments, we had registeres more than 250 votes over 85 definition ideas.

Somebody wanted the RAW version of the cells experiment mini documentary? 

You can download the raw version file of Socientize’s cells experiment righth from here until june 26th