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Workshops with teachers in Portugal

9th september was the first workshop for teachers where the project and specifically the Cell Spotting application was presented to a group of 11 biology teachers of Escola Secundária José Falcão (Coimbra, Portugal). It went really well and all the teachers react with enthusiasm and excitement! Something that I realized when they were trying the Cell Spotting application is that the magnifier would be very useful if it could be implemented on.

September 18, has been held the second workshop with 18 teachers at the Instituto Pedro Hispano (Coimbra, Portugal) Our partners Museu da Ciencia de Coimbra offer a workshop with 14 teachers at Instituto Pedro Hispano (Granja do Ulmeiro, Portugal). The workshop went very well and teachers got excited with the project. This time not just biology teachers participated but also all the other teachers of the science group: mathematics, physics and chemistry. In the end of the workshop some teachers started wondering how could they use the Cell Spotting app for the evaluation of their students. It came up the idea of creating an online space (like a forum) where teachers involved in this project could change ideas and evaluation methods.

September 27th september has been held the third Socientize Workshop for teachers in Portugal, this time at Coimbra Escola Secundária Infanta Maria for a group of 6 teachers. Great Citizen Science dissemination day, attendants get really impressed of experiments appeal for bio and science students.

October 2nd , Socientize Portuguese team meet teachers to show them about the Cell Spotting experiment. Attendants are Biology and Geology teachers of Escola Secundária de Avelar Brotero. They give nice opinions about the experiment and how to include it on classes for having a better motivation from their studentes for the science areas.