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Cell Spotting


Can you figure yourself contributing to the cancer research? Click on the button above and you will be able to see real cells under treatment in drug delivery research taken from a microscope.

Your contribution, based on human image recognition, will advance the study of cell death, known as apoptosis, present in diseases like Cancer.

You will realize that answering basic questions you can help to determine the actual state of each cell. Follow the instructions and get further support if needed

By compiling and adding answers to questions like "Is this cell round or elongated?" or "Is the nucleus color homogeneous or mottled?" we will know what is happening in each cell culture, helping researchers to know in every moment how the samples of medicaments applied to each cell culture are working.

Instead of researches having to review each of the videos obtained for each sample, the videos are split into images, and time series of these images are distributed to the volunteers.

This task allows citizen scientist to have a better understanding of the scientific method and generate useful data which would be more costly to obtain without the help of a large number of people involved.